How to Set Up an Automatic Audience Accelerator Campaign

One of the things that I’ve done really well over the years is to create content that ranks in Google search.

The goal, obviously, is to get to the first page of Google and occupy one of the 10 spots there.

But sometimes, even though you’ve optimized the heck out of an article, you just can’t get it to the top 10.

Enter the Accelerator.

The Automatic Audience Accelerator is something I use for two reasons in my business.

  1. To immediately rank brand new content quickly.
  2. To boost existing ‘low-hanging fruit’ content to the top 10.

The Accelerator is simply a Google Ads campaign that you set up to drive traffic to a blog post or article.

But not just any campaign. A highly-focused, short-term campaign.

And not just any content. A highly-focused, well-optimized post.

In this case study, I show you how to set up an Accelerator campaign for existing ‘low-hanging fruit’ content to help boost it onto the first page of Google.

Do you have content you’d like to accelerate? Contact us and we’ll let you know the details.

About the author

Susan Lyons is the founder of the Automatic Audience Agency. She is CEO of Lassiter Publishing Group, a digital publishing company that provides content, services, and intent-based media across multiple brands since 2000.