How to Create an Automatic Audience

Wanna see my secret sauce?

This is my proprietary, keyword-driven, list-building content marketing strategy. I use it in all my online businesses to do two things:

  • Drive cheap traffic to my blog content.
  • Rank my content fast in Google.
  • Build an engaged subscriber list.

Here we go…

Step 1:

Create a GREAT piece of content on your site.

Not ok. Not some AI generated crap. STELLAR content.

My preferred type is a blog post but it can work with video and a podcast, too.

Optimize the content for one focus keyword that has a reasonable Google Ads cost per click (CPC).

Step 2:

Create a lead magnet that is tightly related to the content/keyword.

I did this with the keyword ‘investing in royalties’ when I had a blog in the financial niche.

I created the Ultimate Guide to Investing in Royalties and offered it as a download if they opted in.

Step 3:

Set up an email opt in that advertises the lead magnet.

I use ConvertBox because it’s a lifetime deal, they integrate with everything, and the features for segmentation are awesome.

I like the box to slide in from the bottom right 3 seconds after they land on the page.

Step 4:

Set up a campaign in Google Ads. This is the secret. We call it the Automatic Audience Accelerator (internally it’s the G-Boost!) and this is what drives initial traffic and accelerates indexing and ranking in the SERPs.

Create a brand match, exact match, and broad match modifier ad.

The budget for this campaign should be $50 a day and the initial max bid per click is $2.00.

Step 5:

Create an offer that you can sell via email to the people who opt in for your lead magnet.

I created a video course on – you guessed it – how to invest in royalties and offered it for $97.

The Results

Here’s the cool part.

You will get opt ins and sales from your PPC campaign.

But you’ll also get the article ranked pretty quickly.

When I did this my site was a DR 26 in the highly competitive investing niche and I won a #1 ranking for the term (and the cluster) organically.

If you have great content that you’re struggling to rank, try this.

If you want to monetize your content with an offer, try this.

If you want to build a list, try this. It works.

If you just want us to do it for you, contact us and we’ll build it out in less than a week.

About the author

Susan Lyons is the founder of the Automatic Audience Agency. She is CEO of Lassiter Publishing Group, a digital publishing company that provides content, services, and intent-based media across multiple brands since 2000.